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Keeping You Safe on Home Inspections

November 11, 2020

In the interest of keeping Realtors, buyers, and sellers safe on home inspections, Call2Inspect continues to be cautious and alert relative to COVID 19. As always our inspectors are washing hands, wearing face masks, gloves, and shoe covers, disinfecting tools, and practicing 6-foot distancing. These measures will protect home buyers and sellers, Realtors, and our own staff.

Buyers and Realtors

For the next several weeks, and until the health statistics improve in our service areas, we will ask the following:
  1. Inspectors will inspect the indoor house components first, and then move to the outside. During the time of the indoor inspection, inspectors need to please be inside the house, alone.
    This means only the inspector will be inside the house for the first part of the inspection, about 2 hours for a house and 1 hour for a condo.     
  2. After the interior of the house has been inspected, the buyer and their Realtor are welcome to enter.
  3. Buyers and Realtors should arrive late to the inspection, about 2 hours for a freestanding house, and 1 hour for a condo. Don’t hesitate to phone your inspector to ensure you sync up with regards to timing.
  4. If you need additional time in the house please consider scheduling another separate showing time.    
  5. Verbal reviews of inspection findings will be done outdoors in the open air and at a 6-foot distance. Alternatively, the inspector can provide a Facetime video walkthrough of inspection findings.
  6. Inspectors will no longer be able to enter homes with home sellers or tenants present.


Sellers please vacate the home for the duration of the home inspection. Inspectors will no longer be able to enter homes where home sellers or tenants are present.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

We understand these can be trying times for buyers and sellers and we wanted to let you know that we are doing everything we can to respect all parties and subject properties relative to hygiene procedures. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. These are temporary measures for the next few weeks, I think we all see light at the end of the tunnel!


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